Aldi LACURA Purifying Pink Clay Mask | A Dupe for the Sand & Sky Mask

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Back again with another dupe post. Everyone loves a dupe, especially when the product I’m dupping costs £40. The Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask was all over social media a while ago and was really popular but does come with a hefty price tag. While shopping in Aldi a while ago I came across the LACURA Pink Clay Mask in the middle aisle. When I saw it I instantly thought that’s a Sand and Sky mask dupe. They also had a dupe to the Sand and Sky exfoliator (which I also picked up) but I’m only going to be duping the mask as I have the Sand and Sky mask which I got as a mini in a Birchbox.


Let’s start off talking about all the specs. The Sand and Sky Mask on their website costs £39.90 whereas the Aldi LACURA one only costs £5.99. That is an insane price difference. Both masks contain 60g of product in them so you get the same amount of product for both price points. In terms of the packaging and how it comes, they do look very very similar. The Sand and Sky mask comes in a pink tub with a pink and blue box whereas the Aldi LACURA one comes in a blue tub with a pink box. They both come with a little brush to apply it and even though the Aldi one is so cheap the packaging doesn’t feel cheap and the brush seems really well made.

Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 18.58.11

Sand and Sky Mask Ingredients


LACURA Mask Ingredients

For the masks themselves they are both again very similar. They are both pink which I would expect them to be as they are pink Australian clay. They both smell good but I personally prefer the smell of the Aldi LACURA one over the Sand and Sky one. The LACURA one is a lot creamier to apply whereas the Sand and Sky one is thicker. They both dry down the same, both dry down to a pink colour. For what they are meant to do to the skin they are both meant to detoxify and brighten the skin as well as refine pores. They both contain the ingredients Witch Hazel and Australian Kakadu Plum but there are a lot of different ingredients in both masks. 

First Picture – Both Masks
Second Picture – Sand and Sky Mask
Third Picture – LACURA Mask

Time for them in action. On my right side is the Sand and Sky mask and on my left side is the LACURA mask. I found the Sand and Sky mask was a lot thicker and required more product on my face than the LACURA one. The Sand and Sky mask dries very quickly as by the time both masks were on my face some areas had already dried. Also, the Sand and Sky mask doesn’t go on pink unlike the LACURA one, it comes out more of a white colour. I left both masks on for 10 minutes until both masks were dry. After the masks are dry the Sand and Sky one shows you the pores it’s pulling gunk from which I quite like in a mask. The LACURA one was tighter on my face and every facial expression I made resulted in cracks in the mask. I found that the LACURA one was harder to get off than the Sand and Sky one, it took me a lot longer to take off.

First Picture – Skin after Sand and Sky Mask
Second Picture – Skin after LACURA Mask

My skin on the Sand and Sky side feels nice and smooth. I found that the spots I had on that side looked less red. The LACURA side did leave my skin feeling smooth too but it did bring out the redness in my problem area and made it a bit textured. When it comes to pore refining I felt that my pores on the Sand and Sky side looked smaller. My skin did look brighter on both sides and if it wasn’t for my bad patches on my skin I feel my skin would look amazing. I feel if I was to ask someone to tell me which side looks better after each mask I doubt they would be able to have a straight answer.

For my overall thoughts, I do like both masks. I think they are both very similar and leave my skin looking similar but I do prefer how the Sand and Sky mask made my skin feel afterwards. I just felt my skin felt smoother and looked better after using the Sand and Sky one. The LACURA one was good too so don’t think I’m bashing it. The Sand and Sky mask is a lot easier to get a hold off as I’ve heard the Aldi one is never in the shops. But obviously, if the Sand and Sky mask is way out of your budget and you can’t afford I would have to say that the Aldi LACURA one is definitely a dupe for the Sand and Sky mask.

See you all in my next post


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