5 Favourite Places to Get Instagram Pictures in Disneyland Paris

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I’m back with another Disneyland post. This one I feel will be a massive one to help all those Instagrammers like me. When I booked Disney I knew that I wanted to make the most out of the trip in terms of Disney related Instagram content. Disney is a great place to get pictures at as there are so many pretty locations around the parks.  With getting nice pictures for Instagram a new thing when it comes to going on holiday I thought I would talk about all my favourite places for Instagram pictures at Disneyland Paris. These aren’t in any order of my favourite to least favourite, these are all just my top 5 favourite places to get pictures.

  1. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

I couldn’t not make the first location the Castle. It’s the one place that everyone goes to when they enter Disneyland Park. The Castle at DLP is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and personally, it’s my favourite Castle. Obviously, you can get your pictures right at the front of the castle or in the little square just in front of the castle but my favourite place is on the wall as you go up into the castle and to the left of the castle in a little hidden area. If you angle your photo well enough you can get some really good photos of you with a full view of the castle. My friend Lauren and I were literally lying on the ground getting each other’s pictures, getting those angles. As well as the outside of the castle if you go upstairs and get pictures looking over Fantasyland.

2. Main Street USA

Again another obvious one. Main Street has so many different places where you can take pictures. I could have spent so much time just on Main Street taking pictures. I mostly got pictures at the Gazebo just before the start of Main Street that looks right down towards the Castle and I also got pictures sitting down on Main Street, yes sitting down. Obviously, one of the worst parts about Main Street when it comes to taking pictures is that there is always going to be people walking down it in the background of your photos. I got all my Main Street pictures during extra magic hours and there were still tons of people in the background so you can’t really get a picture without anyone in the background.

3. Thunder Mesa

If you don’t know what Thunder Mesa is, it’s basically Big Thunder Moutain and Frontierland. Thunder Mesa is the actual name of the mountain Big Thunder goes round. Frontierland is one of my favourite lands in Disney and there are so many photo locations there. There is the whole area around Phantom Manor where you can get Instagram pictures but there is an area right as you go into Frontierland where you can get a clear view of Thunder Mesa and that’s where I got all my pictures. I climbed up onto the wall which was risky as if I fell I would be falling straight into the water. My friend Lauren managed to get a picture of me when Big Thunder Mountain was going around.

4. Disneyland Hotel

Another good location is actually before you go into the park but it’s the Disneyland Hotel. The most expensive hotel there is at Disney, of course, has one of the most Instagramable appearances. During the day there is the pastel pink and the Mickey Mouse clock while at night you’ve got all the coloured fountains. I’ve also heard that the inside is very pretty and Instagramable. I got a few pictures here but mostly got pictures of the actual hotel rather than me outside it.

5. Hotel Santa Fe

This one isn’t exactly in the parks but it’s still in Disney. I stayed in this hotel when I was on my Disney trip and it was very pretty both at night and during the day. You can get to it by going down through the Disney Village and along a little path if you really want to visit it but I would say it’s worth a little visit, I really liked looking at all the hotels when I was Disney. Its sign is definitely the stand out feature for it, it looks amazing at night when it’s all lit up.

My list of 5 places literally doesn’t even touch the surface of all the amazing photo locations at Disney. If you have any of your own photo locations that I didn’t mention feel free to tell me them as I’d love to note them down for any future Disney trips.

See you all in my next post

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