Airport Outfits

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With it being so close to my holidays now I am starting to think about my airport outfit. A few years ago people would never be bothered about what they wear to the airport but nowadays you now have sections on clothing websites just for airport outfits. This year I have been thinking a lot about my airport outfit as I am flying to Barcelona at 6:30 in the morning and land at 10:20 so I want to wear something that is comfy for the flight and will keep me warm in Scotland before I fly but also something that will be good for the heat when I land in Barcelona.

All the outfits I’m going to mention in this blog post are from Missguided as they have some amazing clothes on their site at the minute and I’ve been browsing their airport outfits section quite a lot. This post is not sponsored (I mean if Missguided wants to hit me up then feel free), I’ve just been loving their website at the minute. If anything is not from Missguided I will say, I am planning on wearing the same trainers in every look which are from Primark. Everything will be linked so you can all shop the looks too. Majority of the outfits that I picked today are black which I didn’t intend to do but that was kind of the main colour scheme on the category. I’ve also gone very casual with all the items as when you go to the airport you want to be comfy.










Black Zip Cropped Sweatshirt
Black Cycling Shorts












Grey Oversized Joggers
Primark T-shirt
Primark Denim Jacket









Black Ribbed Sleeveless Jumpsuit















Black Zip High Neck Dress
















Black Jersey Jumpsuit With Pockets







My favourite outfit is 100% the grey joggers, they were so soft and comfortable. I would honestly feel so comfortable at the airport and flying in all these outfits. I’m so excited now for my holiday after this post, can’t wait to get my own airport outfit sorted.

See you all in my next post






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