Alter Ego Temptress Palette Review* | A Dupe for the ABH Sultry Palette?

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Time for another ABH dupe. I feel there are always dupes out there for ABH palettes just as they are expensive palettes that not everyone can afford so dupes are always such a good option. This palette is from a newish brand called Alter Ego and they’re debut palette was the Temptress palette which is a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette. The Sultry palette was the palette ABH released at Christmas time last year and to be honest I didn’t really fancy this palette. The colours didn’t scream to me but I did hear some good reviews about it. I was lucky to have been gifted this palette from Alter Ego a few months ago which I am so grateful for.

Let’s compare the 2 palettes. The Sultry palette costs £46 whereas the Temptress palette costs $16. That is a big price difference. They both come with 14 eyeshadows and the shades in the Temptress palette are identical to the ones in Sultry. The only thing that does suck about this good dupe is that it’s only available in the US, I hope in the future that they will ship internationally. The packaging of the Temptress palette is very nice, I do like the design on it, it is cardboard packaging too. I would admit though nothing beats the ABH packaging and Sultry’s packaging is stunning.


Now for the shadows in the Temptress palette. These shadows swatched really well, they felt really creamy and they were pigmented, I only had to go in once with each shade to get the swatch. The shimmers were very soft and buttery, they were very intense when swatched. The black in the palette was very pigmented, there is nothing worse than a black that is not a strong black. When I did a look using the palette I used my usual ABH eye primer as it’s my favourite. I found that the shades were just as pigmented as when swatched and they blended really well together. I didn’t find that any of the shades went patchy and they felt good quality.


I did find however that the shimmer shadows did crumble a little in the pan when applying and I didn’t find them to be as popping on the lid as what they were when swatched. I applied the shimmers with a brush and with my fingers and they were both the same when it came to pigment. I do feel that this palette is really good for soft looks but it can also be amazing for the dark smoky eyes with the black and dark browns in the palette. From past experience with ABH shadows, the shadows in this palette are good but I don’t think they’ll be as good as the ABH ones.


My thoughts on the palette are that it is a good palette, I loved the look I created with the palette but I do think that I won’t really reach for the palette that much as the shades in it aren’t really my colours. In terms of it being a dupe for the Sultry palette, I would 100% say it’s a dupe. It looks so similar and for only $16 it’s a good steal. Hopefully, it will soon be available to ship to us UK people. I would recommend this palette if you have been eying up the Sultry palette but don’t want to fork out £46 then this is a good dupe.

See you all in my next post

*Items in this post have kindly be gifted from Alter Ego


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