Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Conceal | Review and Wear Test

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I’m so so so excited about the post. If you didn’t know the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation is my all-time favourite foundation. It has only been in my life for around a year but it is literally my favourite foundation and I’ve taken it on travels and even worn it on my graduation and graduation ball. Now when I saw this announcement floating about Instagram I got really excited. Revolution has brought out the Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer! I have been after a really hydrating concealer for a long time and if it’s anything like the Conceal and Define I feel I’ll love this.

Like all my other reviews I’ll talk a bit about the foundation and concealer before getting into the actual products. The Conceal and Hydrate actually launches on the 14th of August but it is currently exclusive to Superdrug just now. The foundation comes in a 23ml bottle which is the same as the Conceal and Define Foundation while the new Conceal and Hydrate Concealer only comes in the supersize which is 13g compared to the original Conceal and Define which comes in the 4g bottle and the supersize bottle. The foundation costs £9 which is the same as Conceal and Define and the concealer costs £7 which is the same as the supersize Conceal and Define. I like that the Conceal and Hydrate concealer comes in the supersize as I feel it will last a little longer than the small Conceal and Define.


I think the biggest difference between the Conceal and Define Foundation and the Conceal and Hydrate foundation is that the Conceal and Hydrate now comes with a pump. I remember that was a complaint people made about the C+D so Revolution has listened and changed to a pump. I actually quite like the doe-foot on the Conceal and Define but it doesn’t bother me that they’ve changed it to a pump. The packaging on the Conceal and Hydrate is very very similar to the Conceal and Define, the label is a slight bit different but everything else looks similar. I already liked the Conceal and Define packaging so I know I like the Conceal and Hydrate.

Left – Conceal and Define Foundation in F5
Right – Conceal and Hydrate Foundation in F5

Left – Conceal and Define Concealers in C7 (Top) and C6 (Bottom)
Right – Conceal and Hydrate Concealers in C7 (Top) and C6 (Bottom)

I got the shade F5 in the foundation which is what I currently am in the Conceal and Define and I got the shades C6 and C7 in the concealer. The shades are exactly the same as the Conceal and Define so if you have the Conceal and Define then I would get the exact same shade in the Conceal and Hydrate. When I swatched the 2 together the Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer was definitely a lot creamier than the Conceal and Define.

First Photo – Just Conceal and Hydrate Foundation
Second Photo- Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer

When it comes to applying the foundation I would say that the pumps give out a lot of product. I definitely applied way too much on my first time. The second time I applied it I managed to do my full face with one pump. The coverage for this foundation is really good, it really reminds me of the Conceal and Define with the coverage. I felt I didn’t really need concealer after the foundation was all blended. I do find that when it first gets blending in that it looks the exact same on the skin as the what the Conceal and Define does. At first application, the Conceal and Hydrate looks the same as the Conceal and Define but then it does look a bit dewier than the Conceal and Define after a while. The concealer is very nice, it has similar coverage to the Conceal and Define. I did feel that for my under eyes it was a lot creamier and didn’t feel as thick under there. I only used a small amount of it under my eyes as a little does go a long way.

The thing I love the most with this is this foundation is how good it looks over time. It really does go quite dewy and makes your skin look like you’re glowing. Even with setting my face it still gives my skin a glow and I wouldn’t say at all during its wear that it looks cakey, it felt really nice on the skin. The number of compliments I got about my skin using the foundation was insane. I would say when I wore it for a long time on the second wear it did go very dewy and looked a tad oily so if you have really oily skin I don’t know if this would be for you. The concealer did crease on me the first time I wore it but not too bad, unlike some other concealers. Usually every concealer creases on me but the second time I wore it, it creased very badly and looked bad but I think it was just a wasn’t going right.

Do I like this Foundation and Concealer? Yes, I do! The foundation is stunning and wears really well and I think it will become one of my favourites along with the Conceal and Define. I do really like the concealer as well, it’s very nice and creamy and I think it could be one of my favourite concealers. I genuinely think Makeup Revolution are killing it with skin products and I think that the Conceal and Define and the Conceal and Hydrate will be my favourite foundation and concealer combo.

See you all in my next post

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