Pack With Me For Barcelona

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

It’s finally time to go to Barcelona! The day this post goes up is the day before I leave to go to Barcelona so of course, the post before I go is my pack with me. This summer I have been watching so many pack with me’s on Youtube which has made me really want to do one for my trip. I’m going to be going through my entire packing process from packing my clothes to my toiletries to my makeup.


I am allowed to take with me a 10KG cabin case, I have also paid for a 20KG hold case which I am sharing with my boyfriend and then I also get a backpack to take on the plane too. All my suitcases are from Primark, I’ve had my small silver case for 2 years now and my large pink case is also from Primark but is from the brand IT Luggage which I got last year for going to New York. One thing I would recommend for when travelling is having a hard shell suitcase. I could never go back to having one-sided deep suitcase as I feel I can fit so much more into my hard shell one which is double-sided. I also used packing lists to help me pack, I used the Lonely Planet packing guides which I got in a little book full of them. I always find packing lists really handy as I always feel I forget stuff.

The first thing I packed was all my toiletries. I packed all my toiletries into this huge clear bag from Primark. I just have the usual things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and some deodorant wipes for when I’m out and about, my toothbrush and toothpaste, factor 30 suncream, aloe vera aftersun for incase I get burnt as well as a tan prolonging aftersun, my favourite Hawaiian Tropic after sun body butter which I will also use as a moisturiser and finally my new Sol Body Shimmering Body Oil. They all fit in perfectly, the bag is so big and there is still plenty of space in the bag which I then filled with the items coming up.


The next round of toiletries is my haircare products. I managed to pack everything in the same bag as the rest of my toiletries so that it says space in the suitcase.  All the hair products I’m taking are my usual products, the only product I’m missing from that photo is my detangling product. I’m taking a little sachet of a hair mask as I always find my hair needs some TLC while being away, I’ve got some LivingProof dry shampoo which I got in my Birchbox, hairspray and some heat defence, some of my L’ORÉAL no hair cream in a little travel bottle, my Cloud 9 Magic Potion to help dry my hair quicker, my Lee Stafford Chocolocks spray in a mini bottle and a Sunshine Protector from Charles Worthington. Of course, I’m taking a hairbrush, I got a new one for the holiday as my old one is a bit worse for wear.


Now that I’ve packed all my major toiletries I’m now onto more of the medical stuff. I’m taking some feminine products as you never want to be caught off guard, I’m taking tons of plasters and some blister plasters to be safe (I’m not taking any new pairs of shoes so they won’t be getting broken into) a nail file as they are always handy to have when away and then all my tablets like painkillers, hayfever tablets etc. Also what is not in this photo is my inhalers which I still need to pack.


I have also packed my makeup but I am planning on doing a holiday makeup blog post so I am not going to be giving you a sneak peek at my makeup. My makeup bag is from SkinnyDip and my brush holder is from Primark which has been a lifesaver as it’s great for all my brushes and little extra bits like tweezers, cotton buds etc.

Now time for the clothes. I am packing so many items of clothing as I not only need day outfits as it is a city break so we will be out every day but I also need night outfits too. It took me a long time to narrow down all the clothes that I am taking as I literally had a massive Primark bag full of clothes that I am all fitting in my carry on case.

I have an outfit for every night that I am away. I know that maybe sounds excessive but I want to always have options. I have a range of things from some dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and shorts. When I pack I actually roll my clothes up instead of folding as it makes more space in the suitcase. I managed to pack all my night outfits into the bottom half of one side of my suitcase. I managed to roll some of them up quite tightly so that I could get as much space as possible as some of the dresses were a bit bulky. I always use the side of my suitcase that gets zipped up rather than the open side as I can squish all my clothes into that space.


Next was my shorts. Like some night outfits, some of my shorts were quite bulky so I packed them before packing away my tops. Again I had so many pairs of shorts that I was going to take but I narrowed it down a lot to a pair of shorts for every day. I rolled my shorts, my fabric shorts rolled up a lot easier than my denim ones but I managed to get everything rolled up perfectly and they slotted perfectly my suitcase. I am taking with me 2 pairs of denim shorts and the stone coloured shorts, a pair of the black jersey ones and the blue and red stripe shorts.


Finally was my tops. I had sooo many tops that I was planning on taking but I decided to be good and narrow my tops down. I am taking a top for every day along with a few spares. The best thing about the tops I’m bringing is that they are so small and can be rolled up to be tiny so they don’t take up a lot of space. I packed my tops last as I used them to fill up the gaps from my night outfits and shorts.


There were some outfits that didn’t roll up very well which so I get lay them down over the top of everything. I had a little summer dress that I’m planning on wearing one day, a t-shirt dress for going about the hotel and to the pool and finally a playsuit with a maxi overlay.

The final clothing items I packed was all my underwear and PJs. I packed all of these into a packing cube as it makes it so much easier. I’m taking 2 pairs of PJs as I hate the idea of wearing the same pair all week. I’m then just taking some bralettes and some bandeau bras as I have some thin strapped tops. I’m also taking some nipple covers for any occasions where I can’t wear a bra. I’m then obviously taking the usual pants and socks, I’m taking a lot of pants and socks with me again to be safe as it’s better to have too many than not enough. I’m also taking 3 bikinis and a swimsuit with me for when we go to the pool, beach and the beach club.

The last thing I packed was my accessories. I pack all my jewellery in a this little Pandora box that I got years ago when I got my Pandora bracelet. I’m not packing a lot of jewellery, just taking some essentials. I have my Tiffany bracelet, my Swarovski bracelet and my Pandora one. I’m then taking 4 little dainty necklaces and then 5 pairs of earrings so I can change them up at night. Next round off accessories is my hair ones. I packed these in a little zip lock bag that I got from all my travel bottles. I am taking a lot of scrunchies as I prefer to use them to tie my hair up than regular bobbles. I have some regular scrunchies but I have 2 that have little dangly bits to them, all the scrunchies are from Primark apart from the pink leopard one which is from In The Style. I am also taking some hair clips as I’ve been loving them loads, 2 pairs are from SHEIN and 2 pairs are from Primark.


The final accessories that are getting packed are my bags, belts and sunglasses. Now I’m not 100% sure if I’m taking my beach bag as it’s quite big but I got that one from ASOS 2 years ago. I have my little bikini bag that I got in Primark, my night time bag which is from Topshop and my bumbag (from Topshop) as I have heard so much that Barcelona is bad for pickpockets. I am literally taking every pair of sunglasses I own as I can never decide what ones to take with me. I did pack some miscellaneous items too that I didn’t take pictures off like my travel plugs, my beach towel, my charging cables etc but all of those are packed too. All my accessories got put into the big hold case as there was way more room in there to put them. I also packed my flip flops and sandals in the big case and my converse in my carry on case.

These are my finished packed cases, I still have some of my boyfriends items that need to go into the big case but other than that everything is packed. I am now fully packed for Barcelona now which I am super excited for. I am planning on doing Barcelona week when I come back so be prepared for all the Barcelona related blog posts. Adios, I am away to Barcelona🇪🇸

See you all in my next post


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