Barcelona Travel Diary

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It’s Barcelona Week! If you did not know or haven’t read my last blog post (I’ll leave it here for you to read if you want) but last week I was in Barcelona. I came back on Wednesday after being away for a week. I was there with my boyfriend as this was our summer holiday for this year. It was one the best trips I’ve had in a while and I loved it. I am not going to go into too much detail about food and the activities I did while in Barcelona in this blog post as I’m planning on doing 2 separate blog posts relating to them but I will still talk about them a little in this post.

I booked my trip on Expedia, I got both my flights and hotel there and it cost me £517. This is the first time a while that I’ve stayed in a hotel over an Airbnb but one thing that I wanted for this trip was a pool and the majority of Airbnb’s didn’t have a pool and if it did it was really expensive. We flew with Ryanair and we had really good flight times, we flew out of Edinburgh at 6:30 am and arrived at 10 and we flew out of Barcelona at 10:55am (well more 11:20 by the time we went to the take-off strip) and arrived back in Edinburgh at 1pm.


We stayed in the BCN Urban Gran Rosellon which is in the Eixample area of Barcelona so it’s bang in the centre. It was only around a 20-minute walk to La Rambla and even if we couldn’t walk to places there were metros stops not even 5 minutes from the hotel. I would really recommend this hotel just with how central it was. The one thing I loved about this hotel is that it had a rooftop pool. The pool wasn’t a big pool but it was big enough for how long I spent in it. The view from the roof was really nice too, we could actually see the Sagrada Família from the pool. It was a nice thing to have after a long day of walking and being in the sun to be able to cool off and relax by the pool. We also opted when we booked to include breakfast and I would really recommend it as it set us up really well for the day and we didn’t need to have lunch until late in the afternoon most days.

The rooms were nice, we just had the standard double room and it was huge. The room was everything we needed for the week. The pictures look identical to how our room looked. The bed was really comfy, it was so easy to fall asleep on it. They had free WIFI which worked really well, I’ve been in hotels where it has been quite rubbish and there was a TV in the room which was quite good at night while in bed. There was also a safe in the room which was great to put our passports and money in. 


Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 14.00.22.png

The metros were really easy to use, I just used Google Maps and it was really easy to find out which stop to get on and which one to get off. I used the Apple Maps app sometimes when we were walking to places but the Maps app didn’t let you get directions for public transport. After using them a few times we got the hang of which lines took us where. I bought one of the Hola Barcelona Travel Cards before going and I would highly highly recommend it. I bought one for 5 days and it allows unlimited use on the metro, buses and a few other options which we didn’t use, we just used it for the metros. We just picked them up at the metro station so we didn’t have to go out of our way to get them. It costs €2.20 for a single journey on the metro as we had to do that for the final day because our cards ran out and the Hola Travel card cost about €35 for the 5 days so it saves tons of money. I’ll leave the link to the website here as there are quite a few different options but the Hola one was really easy.


Like I said I am planning on doing a separate post about things to do in Barcelona but I feel I did a lot when in Barcelona. There is a lot to do during the day, we did all the usual tourist attractions like the Sagrada Família and Park Güell but I also just spent a whole day wandering around the Gothic Quarter and El Born area. There is also a beach in Barcelona which I did go to but I didn’t go to sunbathe but there are tons to do at the beach so it is worth a visit. Also if you are a football fan there is the tour at Camp Nou as well as football games at Barcelona FC or Espanyol. I would say there isn’t much stuff to do at night apart from going for food and drinks, I did like that but as it neared the end of the week it was getting a tad boring. One area I would really recommend going to is Rambla de Catalunya, Plaça de Catalunya and La Rambla area. There are tons to do and tons of shops to look in, it’s definitely the main hub of Barcelona. 

Also if you go in August there is also the La Festa de Gràcia. I didn’t know what this was but it’s basically a street festival. A lot of the streets in the Gràcia area are decorated and they are so nice to see. It’s also all hand made which adds to it as you can see how much effort people have put into There is an app that tells you where all the streets are but it was just really nice to wander around and find them ourselves. There was a Harry Potter themed street and it was honestly amazing to see.


Again I’m going to do a separate post on all things food but all I’m going to say is that you’ll never go hungry in Barcelona. There are tons of restaurants, on our walk to La Rambla there were tons of outdoor restaurants one after the other. The thing I loved most was Tapas, I had never really had much Tapas before going to Barcelona but I genuinely loved having it while I was away.  I also didn’t find food to be too expensive while I was there, an average meal at night for me and my boyfriend cost around €40-€45. There is also a huge food market just off La Rambla which is really worth a visit if you are a major foodie, there were tons of really nice looking stalls.

The one thing I heard so much about before going to Barcelona was that pickpockets were really bad. I took a lot of precaution and bought a bum bag as I thought that would be the safest thing rather than a little crossbody bag or a backpack. I actually found that I didn’t feel unsafe while in Barcelona and I didn’t ever feel like someone was watching me or going to pickpocket me. Even on the Metro as well which I’d heard was a bad place for pickpockets I didn’t feel like someone was going to do it. Obviously, that was just my experience so I would still keep an eye out and I would really recommend a bum bag. Just make sure that you don’t keep phones, wallets etc in any back pockets or pockets that would be easy to dip into as you are setting yourself up if you do that.

I know this travel diary has been a bit different from my others but there will be more Barcelona blog posts this week covering everything this week. Also, there will be plenty more Barcelona posts as I am planning on going back in the future because I loved it that much.

See you all in my next post

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