All my posts are my own opinion and are always brutally honest. If I don’t like something I will always write that in my posts and would never lie to you all, you follow me why do I want to lie?. Also, I have purchased all the products mentioned on my blog with my own money and I will always make it clear if any products have not been purchased by me. Posts that include products gifted to me will also have disclaimers at the end. Posts that have this disclaimer at the end mean that I have not been paid to write the post, however, I was kindly gifted the products and did not have to pay for them.

All posts in collaboration with a brand will be marked with a disclaimer. If I am ever doing a sponsorship, meaning that I am being paid by a brand to create a post, i will always disclaim it within the post and all my thoughts and opinions are still going to be my own, whether good or bad.

All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


Sometimes I am lucky enough to get sent products from brands or get the change to work with brands, this will always be marked or mentioned in posts. Even in these posts, it will always contain 100% my own opinion, both positive and negative. Whilst I’m flattered to receive PR from some brands, I cannot guarantee that every item sent to me will be featured on the blog unless it’s agreed upon to do a blog post on them.

Links and Discount Codes 

I have a page in my menu with some discount codes from brands and some of these are affiliated meaning I do earn a tiny commission from you using it. I will always disclose if any of my discount codes are affiliated as I do not want to hide that from my followers.